Providing Emergency Veterinary Care For Pets Of Middle Georgia

Our Plan

Middle Georgia Veterinary Emergency Center was formed in 2017 by a partnership between South Atlanta Veterinary Emergency and Specialty and nearly thirty veterinarians in the Middle Georgia region. This facility will be open to answer the great need in our area for compassionate, state of the art emergency medicine for our animal friends, and we will continue to uphold the high standard its owners have set.

Offering a full range of diagnostics, our modern laboratory and surgical suite allows us to care for your pet at a time of great need. Our many diagnostic and treatment options give each owner the opportunity to make fully informed decisions concerning the care of their beloved pet and family member.

We are a shareholder owned facility, with member veterinarians and their private hospitals counting on us to care for their patients and their families. Our goal is to act as an extension-arm of your regular veterinarian. Even if your regular veterinarian is not an owner, we plan to treat your pet with the great care you are used to getting. Our plan is to develop an unbreakable bond with all veterinarians in the Middle Georgia area. We hope you will give us the opportunity to develop the same trust in us you have with your regular veterinarian.

Our 5,000 square foot facility is designed to handle almost any emergency that your pet may have. We will communicate your pet’s status with your veterinarian and they will be expecting you in person or a phone call from you the next day.

Our doors are open to you nights, weekends, and holidays to initiate or carry on care of your pets. Patients transfer back into the care of your veterinarian with copies of all lab work, radiographs, treatment sheets, and doctors discharge instructions. It is our goal to provide uninterrupted care for those in treatment, or a solid baseline for any new illnesses or injuries to provide your veterinarian all the assistance and information needed to carry on your pet’s care.